The National Society has and still looks at volunteers as its backbone in all of its activities. The Society has nearly 400.000 volunteers deployed in the different states of the country, an estimated 35,000 active volunteers The Society depends largely on them in realizing its mission and in carrying out the different tasks entrusted to it, in addition to organization of these volunteers to perform various activities in all cities, towns and villages countrywide, therefore, it is so difficult to describe all the activities handled by the volunteers however one may give some examples of the main fields and activities of the volunteers

Training in the fields of first aid and community based healthcare and preparedness and disasters response.

The Sudanese Red Crescent Society provide opportunities of training programs in the field of first aid for the new volunteers and members of local communities in addition to community based primary health care. Therefore first aid training is regarded as one of the requirements for SRCS volunteers.

Also SRCS trained the volunteers on the activities of preparedness and disasters response.

In fact theses training programs are welcomed by the national level and acquired the acceptance and approval of members of the local communities, who endure the largest proportion of the cost of these activities.

Curative and preventive Health Activities

One of the aims of SRCS is to raise the level pf awareness and increase the contribution of members of the local communities to health programmes to realize the maximum objectives of improving the living conditions of the target beneficiaries and enable active participation of SRCS volunteers in steering and management of a large hospital for the benefit of (IDPs) and other citizens in the different parts of Sudan. Health activities handled by SRCS volunteers include:-

  • Reproductive Health.
  • School Health Programmes.
  • Anti Malaria Programme.
  • HIV/ Aids Awareness programme.
  • Participation in communication campaigns against polio.
  • Sanitation Campaigns.
  • Health education.
  • Blood donation.
  • Participation in combating endemic and epidemic disease ( diarrhea and meningitis).
Description and conditions
  • To agree upon the society regulations and undertake to respect there of.
  • Not dismissed from public or private corporations for convicting a crime involving honesty or moral integrity.
  • Sign endorsement to work as a volunteer or a member in the society and respect its regulations and the principles of International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.